spare parts manual for double deck chassis

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I have copied in only two manuals so far. Sanctions 82 and 83. Sanction 82 covers double deck chassis for the KS and KSW range and sanction 83 covers L, LL and LWL for the single deck chassis.

If anyone needs particular pages of other chassis models listed below, please click on email and send me a message.

42 45
49 51 53 55
W.1. & W.2.
57 62
65 66 67 68
74 76 78
86 90
87 95
92 94 98
Bristol B type 30 H.P. 2 Ton Chassis  

This section contains a list of parts manuals that I have which go back to the very early models. It starts with the pre-war and then up through the wartime models and finally right up to the end of production as far as possible.

For those people that are new to the K and L series vehicles, the first two numbers of the chassis plate denote the sanction build and the subsequent numbers denote the actual vehicle number that was built in that batch.

K series vehicles are doubledeck and in most cases the first two digits of the sanction number are 'even'.

L series vehicles are singledeck and again in most cases the first two digits of the sanction number are 'odd'.

If anyone has any sanction books that I have ommited, I would be interested in purchasing or borrowing to complete this section.