Thames Valley

Bristol KSW6B JRX822

Details of JRX822

Chassis KSW6B 106.025

Fleet No. 747

ECW body L27/28R 7475

Delivered 27.9.1955

JRX 822 waiting to be loaded onto a low loader


JRX 822 has now moved from California to Alabama in June 2007

Its new owner Tim McAbee is in the process of completing a new building to house the vehicle so that restoration work can start.

History of JRX822 (Courtesy of Graham Jones)

747 entered service at Ascot depot (together with 745/6) and the trio were later transferred to the replacement depot at Bracknell. As such, 747 would have seen a great deal of use on one of TV's main services, the 2 (Reading-Windsor). In fact, records show that the bus was still at Bracknell in 6/68!

747 was withdrawn on 30 April 1971, just a couple of months prior to the very last KSWs being taken out of service.

Denyer of Stondon, Essex, bought the bus in 6/71 and it was apparently still there in 7/77 (together with United Counties sister CNH 699).

The bus was exported to the USA in the late 70's (date unknown) and show the following owners:

Cerritos Ford, Cerritos, California

Roscoe Auto Sales, Roscoe Boulevard, Panorama City, California

3/92 Red Bus Music and Video, Marrieta, California

5/96 Keith Adey, Widomar, California c1993 (use unknown), still current 2005.

Tim McAbee, Birmingham, Alabama


JRX's first new passenger

...and now there are two!

Front view of JRX 822

Rear view of JRX 822

Front nearside view

Rear offside view

Being driven down to the low loader

On the low loader

Ready for the journey

A more leisurley journey to her new home

Arrival in Alabama June 2007

Another rear view

Close up of platform area

Rear nearside view

Staircase area

Lower saloon

Rear view of staggered seating


Front view of staggered seating

Front nearside view

Front view

Cab area - is the correct wheel being four spoke?

Interior light switch box and other switches

24Volt control box

Drivers seat

Foot pedals

Dashboard with vacuum gauge, speedometer
and oil pressure gauge

Cab heater

Indicator switch

PV2 radiator

Converted headlamp to sealed beam


JRX823 Photo by Peter Edgar

How JRX822 will appear after restoration

Thames Valley KSW6B JRX823
Owned by Peter Pribik