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Bristol K6B

Currently, JEL249 is residing in Alabama, USA. It has recently been acquired by Tim McAbee who has taken it on as his latest project to restore.

JEL249 has unfortuanetly been much changed since it left the UK. At some point in its past, a previous owner decided that in order to increase the speed of the bus it needed an engine/transmission change. This involved removing the Bristol AVW engine and installing an American Chevrolet petrol engine with associated gearbox. In this transformation the brakes were also altered so that the vacuum units were all removed and air brakes substituted.

Cab layout showing the accelerator and brake pedals

Along with the major mechanical changes the bus has been fitted with an airconditioning unit, new windows, rear doors etc. All these will be removed and replaced accordingly, the aim is to restore the bus back to its original configuration as near as possible.

Tim's challenge now is to locate all the missing/replaced parts from donor vehicles in the UK along with other parts that people have seperatley. The most important items to locate are the engine and gearbox with all the fittings for them. Tim has been fortunate in locting the majority of these items and now needs to secure them so that they can be stripped down, inspected and overhauled where required before shipping back to the States.

Tim's latest purchase has been the sister vehicle to Derek Pribik's vehicle shown below. It is JRX822 and is currently being shipped from California to Alabama. Pictures will be posted as soon as the vehicle arrives

JRX823 Photo by Peter Edgar

Thames Valley KSW6B JRX823
Owned by Derek Pribik